Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year.... RESOLUTION!!!!!!!!

2011.. a year of joy and sorrow.. Yes, sorrow.... in this year, i lost a great teacher who has been fighting cancer, a lost that i never expected in the nearest time. that is the biggest and the worst sadness i ever felt.. The joy that is get this wonderful year is friends, lesson that i learnt from them n the responsibility that i get in the middle of the year. Yes, responsibility as the YDP of PKPMI Padang!!! Student leader man!!! but it is a big responsibility that is being put on my shoulder.. well, trust is earned n such position is given, not as easy as i thought it would be, with all the pressure from all sides, u name it, they got it.. still alot 2 learn n not much time given. while holding 2 this position in a association really teach me what should or what i shlouldn't do at all. it is easy to say that as a student leader, senang2 je bole suruh org buat keje but must be extremely tolerant on wat mistake is being done. Besides, the condition of Padang which is unstable at all, like, earthquake prone, volcanic activities building up, and evac plan must be in order.. Whewwww... alot of things is being done n i guess when the time comes for me to step down, a lot of knowledge and experience is gained 4 the best. Now, for the new year resolution, nothing high n mighty, but just a brief of everything needed be done n hope that i can graduate as fast as possible.. n i wanna be the best and i can.. a doctor i mean.. ok guys, that is all.... hope u guys enjoy this new year n njoy life too... C ya.. Assalamualaikum. :D